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Teddy Bears Make Great Baby Gifts

March 25, 2010

What baby or child haven’t you seen that hasn’t had a favorite teddy bear to hold on to and cuddle and even keep them into their teenage years and sometimes even into their adult years? Teddies are cuddly and warm and soft and can be great friends. What child doesn’t immediately smile and their face light up when they receive a stuffed bear for a gift?

Teddy Bears can be given for any occasion not only for the birth of a baby. They make great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, hospital gifts and even romantic gifts. Teddy Bears can stimulate babies too. Babies can use their sense of touch to feel the softness and the textures of the stuffed bears. Also studies have shown that babies can visually be stimulated by giving stuffed bears of contrasting colors of black and white and red.

There are many varieties of teddy bear gifts that are available to give. Blanket Buddies are great companions for babies. These teddies come complete with a baby blanket that babies can cuddle, snuggle and hold on to. There are also the Gund Cutie Collectible Bears that are very popular baby gifts. They come complete with of course the adorable Gund Bear, a fleece hate, baby bib and a super soft fleece blanket.

And of course last but not least there are many adorable stuffed, squishy, lovable bears such as Manni Jr bear from Gund available for baby gifts. So next time you are contemplating on what baby gift to buy make sure you choose the ever popular Teddy!

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