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Mining Industry in Australia

February 18, 2010

The mining industry in Australia is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The non-stop increasing demand for minerals has given it an enormous boom. Mining and activities related to mining contribute to 4.1% of the Gross Domestic Product for the company. With such huge deposits of resources the sector has still a long way to go.

Western Australia is the center of all mining activities. This part of the country has most of the resource deposits and due to sky rocketing demands for minerals, there is always a need of workers to meet the requirement. Individuals with experience in other fields often tend to enter the mining business even if there experience does not count, in order to earn good money and change their profession.

Skills are not the essential commodity in this business when you are entering it, although as you gain relevant experience your pay scale definitely rises, but you can enter here with some or no experience and you can surely find your way.

With no skills in hand you can still get a job for sample preparer, geologist assistant, surveyor assistance or a driller’s helper. Other fields available in this sector are kitchen jobs, cleaning jobs or catering jobs.

Some useful information about these starter jobs would be quite helpful so here it is. Sample Preparer work is all about splitting, sorting and crushing of the samples collected in a geological survey. Some laboratory work is also undertaken. Jobs like operating and deploying drilling rigs to drill holes for investigation of future deposits come under Driller’s Offsider.

A Surveyor Assistant helps in assembling the survey equipment, monitoring the equipment inventory, assisting in office and field duties and maintaining the survey equipment. Whereas helping in contractor management and drilling management, supporting the Geologist in day to day safety initiatives are the jobs of a Geologist Assistant.

The level of earnings can be estimated only from the fact that employees with no experience or licenses can earn around 1400-1700 AUD a week and people with experience earn $100,000 AUD annually, depending on location and experience.

Types of positions that are provided can either be DIDO where you drive in from your residence to the mining site and after completing your shift can drive out back to your residence while working on a set roster. Other is FIFO in which you can fly to the city when your working shift or roster is on and after completing a roster you fly back to your own city.

Most expenses are fully paid by the mining organization with free accommodation and food; this is the most common format. The other option is you get a residential position in the mining town. You are then taken to and from the mine by the transport of the organization.

With the right information and advice you can give your mining career a great start. This article should have helped you giving a summarized picture of the Mining Industry of Australia.

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