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Copywriter Jobs – Very Challenging and Exciting Jobs

February 18, 2010

Copywriter jobs that I discuss in this article is limited to copywriters for internet marketers, but that does not mean this job is only for internet marketing, it also applicable for off line business.

A good copywriter can deliver a sales page for certain product with such a compelling and high impact sentences that can result in more sales or in internet marketing is called good conversion rate.

The capabilities of copywriters are vary from one to another that is why copywriter’s fee range is very wide, actually you can hire a good copywriters, with fee starting from several hundreds up to more than twenty five thousands dollars.

There are a lot of copywriting courses and seminars, it’s a prove that this field of jobs is quite popular. Books about copywriting are also available at so many places, online and off line as well.

For Internet marketers, their sales page is actually their salesman, the better the sales page, the conversion rate will also get better. Conversion can be measure by sales percentage to total visit, or opt-in rate on a squeeze page. If you make a bad sales page, regardless of quality of your product, your chance for being successful is decrease significantly.

For beginner internet marketers, “copycat” strategy for creating a good sales page or squeeze page is very effective. This copycat strategy is a legal way of copying. It means that you look and collect for good and excellent sales pages or squeeze pages from the internet, copy their style with your own sentences and graphics, therefore you will not have plagiarism issue.

Further study on sales psychology and sentences with “hypnotic” ability will give huge advantage. There are a lot of articles on the internet (including inside Ezine articles) about copywriting techniques and also some common mistakes and pitfalls in creating sales letters. Those articles can become your source of reference.

The easiest and the fastest way is by using software. You can use legal software or tools for copywriting, that have already proven step by step ways to create professional sales and squeeze pages, starting from headlines, all the way to the closing statements and also the software enable additional features for users, such as inserting videos into their sales page in minutes. It also provide ready made excellent and compelling sentences. The reliable software must have SEO copywriting ability embed.

This tools can help you create professional sales pages for your product or for others, therefore it will make it much more easier for your copywriter jobs.

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