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Music Business Seminars

February 16, 2010

Because few people in the music business actually have formal business training, the way that many executive stay abreast of industry trends and the latest business models is to attend music business seminar. These seminars usually last between one and four days and are hosted by business schools or major record labels. They are a time for the industry to come together to explore new ways to make money by making music.

Today, many music biz seminars are focused on the changes that electronic distribution has brought on the music industry. Labels are always looking for ways to protect their copyrights from pirating, either through right-protecting their disks or making it impossible to share electronically downloaded copies. Copyright law in general has been the major focus of music business seminars during the past ten years.

If you are not yet in the music industry but think you might want to join, attending a music business seminar geared toward getting hired at a label might be the perfect thing for you. These seminars talk about all the aspects of the music industry as well as what job opportunities are available for people with all types of experience and skill sets. These seminars are often concluded with a hiring fair, a chance for you to submit your resume to various labels that are in attendance that day.

Some music biz seminars are held as the capstone to a music biz course, whether at a university or online. Sometimes senior business students will put together a seminar as their capstone project and invite industry reps and other students to attend, learn, and network. Frankly speaking, most music business seminars are all about networking. After all, since the music business is so varied, it is important to find out what business model works right for you rather than aping the work of a competitor.

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