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How to Have a Successful Trade Show Installation

February 16, 2010

Thousands of dollars can be spent on creating the best trade show exhibits possible, but if it’s not set up correctly, carefully, or on time, the entire investment is wasted. However, several steps can be taken when working with an installation service to ensure the best possible results are achieved.

A General Or Independent Contractor For Trade Show Installation?

A general contractor can be a good idea in certain instances. If there’s very little set up require, for example, it simply doesn’t make financial sense to hire someone else because labor laws often require a minimum of four hours pay.

For trade exhibition contractor overseas, general contractors can help avoid many of the high fees and markups charged by service providers. It can eliminate language and cultural differences as well as many of the difficulties encountered when trying to find reliable help in a foreign country. In short, it’s sometimes more secure and safe to do it this way.

In most instances, however, an independent contractor is the best option for the setup of a trade show display. They may charge more, but the benefits of hiring a quality service provider are much higher. They’re more accessible and provide better quality service. Individuals who specialize in trade show installation will often have better quality laborers who are used to working specifically with the various types of displays as well.

Independent contractors will also have contacts and resources in the local area that they are used to working with who can help with transport, shipping, repair, and more. Also, if the same group sets up and takes down the display, they will know how things were packed originally, helping to protect the various components from damage. Lastly, because they likely only have a few clients to work for at the show, they will do a better quality job because they have fewer trade show exhibits to set up.

Create A Comprehensive Inventory List

Many companies make the mistake of rushing through their inventory list when preparing their trade show exhibits. Some fail to provide one at all. Unfortunately, this also leads to numerous mistakes and wasted time. When creating the list, make sure it covers all of the pieces included in the shipment, a description of each, and any other information needed to make set up easy.

It also helps to include the number of crates and pieces, a list of items on each pallet, and a picture of the assembled display to prevent the installation company from losing pieces or making mistakes. Other helpful tips businesses can supply the installers with include where the electrical supplies are located (as well as any additional cords that may be needed), the dimensions of the available space, information about the shipping and transportation, and any necessary paperwork. Remember, the idea is to work together to create the best exhibits, not simply drop off the equipment and see how good they are at guessing!

Trade show installation can be a hassle, and requires a large amount of preparation, but it’s vital for a successful exhibition contractor. With a few smart tips, however, exhibits can be a lot easier to work with and far more profitable.

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