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Discover Business Partnership ‘How To’

February 15, 2010

With a marketing business partnership, how to get more business becomes easy. Did you know that partnering up with another business could be the best thing you ever did for the future of your company? Small business owners often do not realize the huge opportunity for growing their business and increasing their profits through finding other businesses to partner up with. The road to entrepreneurship does not have to be lonely.

What I am talking about here is finding another small business owner who works in a business field that complements your business. We will give you some examples and tips to make it clearer. It really comes down to understanding how it could benefit your business to work together with others instead of going at it on your own. Remember: no man is an island and that applies to your business too. A business partnership means teaming up with another small business owner so that you can both grow your business influence and create a more dominant market presence. And Bingo, this will result in more revenue for your businesses.

And it is a WIN-WIN situation for both parties involved so you do not need to hard sell your idea to your potential partners. You must however make them see how they will benefit from the partnership as much as you do. That sounds like an achievable task to me, right. So how do you get started looking for these partners right away? First you look for small businesses who have a valuable service in the same market as you but are not directly competitive to you. Think of a hairdresser partnering up with a Spa for instance.

Then you look at ways you can introduce each other to your respective clients and prospects by offering your service and/or products. Let me explain this better with some real examples. – For instance, if you are an HR consultant you could introduce your colleague who is a management consultant. You could agree that the consultant pay you 20% of any business he generates as a result of your introduction. (Sounds like WIN-WIN to me) – A Kitchen remodeling business could recommend a House Painting company and receive 10% when customers buy I hope you can perceive the tremendous benefit setting up a partnership with a fellow small business owner and above all how easy it can be. With a marketing business partnership, how to get more business sounds like an attainable goal now.

You do not need extraordinary networking skills or a complex marketing strategy to make this work. You just need to be open all the time and look for possible partners that can help promote your small business. Who would not want this. Good luck with this and remember you are not out there on your own. There are potential marketing business partners just around the corner.

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