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Valentine Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

February 11, 2010

Guys say that women are hard to buy for, I beg to differ. Chicks have such a variety of valentine gift that we’d like to receive like jewelry, candy, time, etc. Guys are slightly more difficult but the following ideas will alleviate some of your stress and give you some insight as to what your guy may like. Of course with each of these gift ideas, you have to consider whether they are relevant as to what he is interested in.

A new video game can be a great gift. Although to a chick this seems very plain, and not romantic, if your guy loves video games, then he would love to receive one as a gift regardless of the holiday or reason behind it. If you think he would like a game, take some time to look through the games he already has. See if you can lure him onto the game aisle in the electronics department in the store (should be super easy). Most likely while you are standing there looking at the games he will start rambling on about what game he wants and then bingo, you know that he will like it.

Watches are also a super gift idea. Guys need to feel confident and needed. As weird as it may seem, if your guy is walking down the street and someone asks him what time it is, for a brief moment he will feel special and needed. A nice watch will also make him feel confident. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you will have to do a little investigating for this one too. Once again, inconspicuously take him to the jewelry counter and pry out of him which ones he likes.

Another gift most guys will like is you. Turn off your phone, stay away from the computer and spend quality time together. Either make him dinner or go out to your favorite restaurant. Even if you stay in, dress up like you are going out on the town. Light candles and turn on some music. This setting will be relaxing and allow for lots of sentimental conversation. By the end of the date, there will be no question as to why you are together.

There are many great valentine gift your guy will love. Take some time to study your guy. Find out what he is interested in whether that be something you can buy or something you can give. Have a great Valentine’s Day knowing that you’ve made him happy.

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