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Rose Color Meaning and Why You Shouldn’t Be Sending That Red Rose!

February 11, 2010

Rose Color Meaning and other tidbits about the worlds most famous flower.

Roses have had a colorful and very long history. We believe the species is over 35-40 million years old based on fossil evidence from Colorado, North America, Europe and Asia. It is thought that these early flowers, which resembled the wild Sweetbrier, were used for food and medicine. They had five petals and were usually either pink or white in color.

From these humble beginnings, it is now the most complicated family tree of all known flowers with over 30,000 varieties. The cultivation of this flower we think started in Asia 5000 years ago and they’ve been a part of our experience ever since.

Cultivated roses from China were introduced to Europe in the late eighteenth century. These were a repeat blooming variety. From here experts began to split old roses (before 1800) and modern roses (those cultivated and hybridized in England and France during the 19th century). Until that time, old roses were only shades of pink or white (in Europe). Where as the red roses from China came on the scene in Europe after 1800. The Chinese kept written records of their roses. Confucius (500 BC) recorded the growing and cultivation of roses in the Imperial Rose Garden of the Chinese Emperor.

Yellow roses appeared after a Frenchman Joseph Permet-Ducher found a mutant yellow flower. He’d been breeding them for 20 years trying to create one on his own prior to its discovery. Wouldn’t you know it, mother nature always knows best! At this point, only a true blue or true black rose have not been found or created, but both are very close!

Roses have been used as an aphrodisiac, medicinal purposes, cosmetics, perfumes, aromatherapy and even worshiped! We purchase over 1.2 billion cut roses in the U.S. a year! Valentines day being 1st then Mothers day a close 2nd. There are thousands of Rose Societies. (talk about clubbing!)They have inspired musicians, poets, authors and even artists! Did you know the rose became so popular, it became legal tender?

Rose Color Meaning:

Now to the good stuff. Did you know that the color of a rose has a very specific meaning.

What color rose do you send a friend? What color would you send a lover? No, they are not the same, and you could be sending a very wrong message! For instance, on Mothers Day, you send your wife the red roses and you send your Mum (British for Mom) the Pink rose! And your neighbor’s wife that just busted her ankle helping coach your kids T-ball game? It had better be yellow, or your in real trouble!

Here’s a listing with the colors of roses we have today. There is the red, white, yellow, orange/peach, lavender/purple, and pinks. We even have red and white, yellow and red tips, red and yellow. There’s even a red rose so deeply dark red that unless viewed under bright lights, it appears black, however, only special collectors have this as it requires special care.

Now here’s the list. It is a basic list that will explain just the basic and broad meaning.

* White Rose – Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, Spirituality

* Red Rose – Love and Passion, the Lovers Rose!

* Lavender or Purple Rose – Enchantment, Majesty, Love at First Sight

* Pink Rose – Love, Gratitude, Appreciation

* Orange Rose – Desire, Enthusiasm and Passion

* Yellow Rose – Friendship, Joy, Get Well

* Yellow with Red Tip Friendship – Falling in Love

* Red and White Given together – these signify unity

* Red and Yellow Celebration – Jovial and Happy Feelings

* Black – Death, Farewell

* Blue – The unattainable, the impossible

* A Single Rose in any color – Simplicity, Gratitude

* Red Rosebud – Symbolic of purity and loveliness

* White Rosebud – Symbolic of girlhood

So! What is the significance of sending a single rosebud?

Why do we send 12 and not 6 or 8 roses?

And what’s so hot about those orange roses?

Better check out my website for the answers to those questions before you place that order!

Now that you’ve been schooled on Rose Color Meaning, you’ll know the best color rose to give that special someone you’re thinking about!

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