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Private Investigation – How to Hire the Best Private Detective For You

February 11, 2010

You have a legal problem of some type whether its a fraud case, criminal case, government case or business legality case and you are ready to hire the services of a private investigation firm how do you know if they are trustworthy, efficient and reliable when you need to count on them most.

My friend once hired a private investigation once to handle a fraud case that he had against someone. That case was for money owed to him but for some reason that private eye kept the case open for many years and demanded money monthly just for doing part of the work. In the end not only did my friend not collect any money from the case but he ended up paying the investigator tens of thousands of dollars in fees for his services. Suffice to say he spread the word to all of his friend about how bad this person was and he lost many potential future clients.

In the private investigation sector word of mouth rules supreme and nothing else can even come close no matter what people tell you. This is why you should never look for one in the yellow pages of the business section of your local newspaper. For all we know this private investigator is just ripping off a client just to pay for his advertising. You can call the company up and ask for references and you can also look through the many online legal forums to see if anyone wrote a positive or negative report on that person or company. Ripoffreport is another website where you can check and see if anyone wrote something against him.

Do your homework before shelling out any cash upfront and check their fee structure to make sure it is a fair one.

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