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Power Of Unity

February 11, 2010

One of most important characteristics of large and quickly growing network marketing organizations is that they are unified in their goals, purpose, and mission. Creating this unity is important when you are the only person in your organization of you have thousands in your “downline.” Here are some thoughts and tips that will help you to develop team unity in your network marketing business unity.

  1. Set a common goal for your team – While it is important for individuals to all have their own personal goals, there should also be some team goals that everyone can get behind. Set some goals that you would like your entire organization to reach and tell everyone how they will benefit if the team reaches it’s goal.
  2. Get inline with your “upline” – If your “upline” or sponsor has set goals make sure that you are inline with them. If you have goals that are different it creates disunity. Remember, the more people that have the same goal, the more power that is created.
  3. Find some greater good – Try to find some benefits for your team goals that go beyond just the money. Make sure that the way you do business is somehow benefiting society. Either by educating people or helping them to lead better lives you can create a purpose for your team that is bigger than just monetary profit.
  4. Constant communication – Make sure to always be in constant communication with those in your “upline” and also your leaders in your “downline.” This will ensure that everyone is on the same page about how they are building your network marketing business unity. Unity is powerful, but only if everyone is doing the same thing.

In summary, remember that being a unified team in your goals, purposes, and techniques is the key to securing a strong residual income. People will work much harder if they believe that they are making a difference in the world. They will work even harder if they believe that the team they are on is behind them.

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