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Top 5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Boyfriend – Let Him Know That You Care For Him

February 10, 2010

It’s hard to meet someone that you really love and get along with. Some believe in unconditional love in which both love birds shown different ways to express their affection towards one another. When it’s near Valentine’s Day, most women find that it’s hard to find out what their male sweethearts really want. Basically, most men are not very particular on gifts and it’s important to find one that really makes him feel special as a lovely way of expressing your gratitude for having such a wonderful boyfriend.

Some men treat Valentine’s Day like any ordinary day, however. It’s like seeing them lack of adrenaline in which means that they are not very keen in celebrating this special day with their lover. In that case, gifts like boxers, socks, greeting cards and ties really put them in total boredom. Therefore, you need to consider these unique valentine gift for your boyfriend as follows:

1. Sunglasses MP3

Guys look elegant, hot and smarter when they wear sunglasses like those actors in Hollywood movies. Whatever reasons that makes your boyfriend waits; at least he has something to accompany him – his favorite music which he can listen while wearing his cool-looking sunglasses.

2. Heart Rate Monitor

If he likes running and exercising, or he’s a gym enthusiast; getting him a heart rate monitor is appropriate because it allows him to improve his stamina as well as track his workout progress. Most professional personal trainers advocate the use of the heart rate monitors among their clients as this tool able to measure heart beat rate at their convenience.

3. DVD movie

This valentine gift is meant for your boyfriend if he’s a movie buff. You don’t simply choose a movie without asking his opinion. Therefore, you can take him to a DVD store and ask him to pick a movie that he likes most. Then, you can spend some quality time with him watching his favorite movie either at your or his place.

4. Snuggie

If you want him to have something cute for this special day, you can buy him a snuggie in his favorite color and he will snuggle up with it every night with nothing but you in mind. This would lead to the next gift.

5. Sex scratchers

If you’re feeling a little naughty and you want to bring him some excitement, then you could gift him with sex scratchers. They are simply scratch cards like lotteries and coupons that reward him with little kinky favors, games, dares and perky challenges that can be a favorable plus for not only him but yourself too.

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