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Send Roses and Send a Warm Message

February 10, 2010

Perhaps you are not aware of it, but each bright color a rose is available in has a special and unique meaning? That is why when you choose a rose bouquet to send to that special someone, you don’t just send flowers – you send a message. Once you understand the symbolism of each color, you’ll see why it is easy to find florists across the U.S who can help you choose and convey the perfect message.

Red roses – It will probably come as no surprise that a red rose is used to symbolize romantic love. The beautiful deep rich burgundy color makes red roses the perfect way to say “I love you” to your special sweetheart. The depth of the color mirrors the depth of your feelings. Red roses are also associated with blood – thus symbolizing blood ties as between two people engaged to be married.

Yellow rose – On the other hand, a bouquet of yellow roses is especially appropriate as a gift for a good friend. The rich sunny colors of the flower petals is a symbol of the warm and happy feelings you share with a trusted friend. Yellow is also a good choice for any casual flower arrangement – such as a friend’s birthday arrangement or a get well soon gift.

Pink rose – Pink roses are closest to red ones. You may not know that pink roses are similar to red roses, in that they are symbols of love. But they are most appropriate when a relationship has not deepend into true love. That makes pink roses ideal for a budding romance or almost any other romantic situation.

White rose – White roses are used for both the passing of a loved one or acquaintance and weddings. That is because white is a symbol of new beginnings as well as innocence, purity, and newness.

The symbolic meaning of the colors of roses stretches back at least hundreds of years. If you choose to send flowers to a special person, you will be taking part in a time honored tradition that for ages has been a way to send a message of love, friendship, or admiration that can be appreciated by all.

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