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Romantic Gift for Valentine

February 8, 2010

Thanks to the internet it is easier than ever to find romantic Valentine gift ideas. Men used to think chocolate and flowers were the gift to get, but they are smarting up. Women now days expect and want more on Valentine’s Day, and it’s the men’s job to make sure their gift lives up to the high standards of the women in their lives.

A trip or weekend away is a marvelous gift for couples. Take a quick trip to the beach, mountains, or just to a nice hotel. Win brownie points if you splurge for spa treatment such as couples massage. For those wanting a one of a kind experience pick a room with a hot tub or spa tub in the bathroom. With this gift you are giving your honey time away from the real world and all he problem you to leave behind.

A sexy present that you could both enjoy is lingerie. It doesn’t have to be expensive, heck it can come from the discount store, but it should be pretty. Anything red, pink, lacy, satiny, gauzy, or delicate is a winner. You might want to peek at her clothing size before you make a purchase though, as the worst thing you could do is guess. End up with a size too small and neither of you enjoy it, a size too large will put you in the dog house.

Men like lingerie too. Buy him some red undies or let him visually enjoy something new you buy for yourself. It’s Valentine’s day, a day of love, so go all out. A pair of matching pajamas for him and her is also a sweet gift.

If you don’t have money to spend you can still have a memorable night. Read your lover some poetry, watch a chick flick, or cook him/her their favorite meal. It’s been said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I completely believe that. Bake some cookies, a cake, or brownies as a special dessert.

This year, unless you are talking rose petals on the bed, skip the flowers. Go for a romantic gift over the same thing you bought last year.

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