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A Timeless Valentine Gift – Valentine Chocolates

February 8, 2010

Fads may come and fads may go, but Valentine chocolates are a timeless Valentine gift that has endured throughout the years. Almost everyone loves the sweet smooth delicious taste. And when they come packaged in a fancy package suitable for gift giving, it seems even more special.

Whether your Valentine’s tastes lean toward chocolate covered Oreo cookies or exquisite, rich chocolate truffles, you can never go wrong when you purchase his or her favorite chocolate confection as a gift for this lover’s holiday. Chocolate covered Turtles, graham crackers, pretzels, fortune cookies, as well as a chocolate caramel apple, and chocolate non-pareils are all beautiful gift ideas that will satisfy a sweet tooth, as well.

Valentine chocolates always come with something extra special. Often a plush toy or stuffed animal accompanies a gift of chocolates. Perhaps it is a fuzzy teddy bear or a whimsical monkey with a big fuzzy heart.

Or perhaps you will choose to accompany your gift with fresh flowers. Roses are always a popular option, whether you opt for an entire bouquet or a single blossom. Likewise, a rose dipped in 24kt gold is also a classy touch.

Chocolates themselves are often decorated for this holiday. This might be with elegant, rich swirls or even red and white or pink and white sprinkles. Tiny candy hearts may also adorn chocolate treats.

Valentine chocolates come in beautiful boxes. Heart-shaped boxes are the most common and may be made of fabric, velvet, or printed and decorated with the picture of a romantic couple or to look like a tuxedo. There are even edible chocolate heart-shaped boxes filled with more chocolates.

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day come presented in many other beautiful ways, as well. They may be presented on a silver tray, in a basket, in a decorative tin, or in a decorative bag or gift box. You can deliver a classic gift like this in person, have it delivered with a special Valentine’s Day card, or even send it in the hands of a vocalist who will deliver a singing Valentine to your special somebody.

Solid chocolate hearts, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cordials, or truffles… chocolates come in so many delicious forms guaranteed to please. Whatever you choose, fine chocolates by renowned chocolatiers like Ghirardelli, Knipschildt, David Bradley, or Rose City make an impressive gift. But don’t forget-the real appeal of Valentine chocolates is about more than just the candy. It’s all about you and your special connection with that special someone. So this year, present Valentine chocolates to your loved one, but remember that the most important part of the gift comes straight from your heart.

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