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Valentine’s Gift For Her

February 5, 2010

Buying special gifts for your wife or your girlfriend can be difficult; however, choosing the right Valentine gift for her will show how much you really care. A gift can say a lot of things about the giver. When giving a gift for a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, you will need to consider the likes and dislikes and the overall personality of your sweetheart. Despite the personality differences, there are some gifts, which are commonly appreciated by women. The list below is some of the “satisfaction guaranteed” gifts that you can give to the most important woman in your life.


Most women appreciate any piece of jewelry as a Valentine gift, as long as the gift implies that a lot of thought has gone into choosing it. When considering the purchase of jewelry, be sure to know the size and the type of jewelry that your significant other wears. Does she prefer chic and trendy jewelry or stylish but classic pieces? Will she like small pieces or large pieces? Silver or gold?


There are not too many women who would refuse a monetary gift. But, be careful if you want to give money as a Valentines gift for her. Money, depending on the amount, could indicate that you did not care enough to take the time to buy a gift. If you choose to give a monetary gift to your wife on Valentine’s Day, be sure to include a romantic card which expresses your true feelings about her.


Flowers are the safest gifts. They are always appreciated and are often expected as a Valentine’s gift. In the past, a bouquet of roses was considered the flower of choice. However, many women today would enjoy a variety in type and in color. Flowers can mean “I enjoy your company”, “I really appreciate our relationship”, or “I love you.” It could mean almost anything, depending on its size, color, and arrangement.


Another you-can-never-go-wrong Valentines gift for her is chocolate. Chocolates, like flowers, are an item that women expect to receive. In general, chocolates are best in small sizes and accompanied by another gift. The appreciation of a large box of chocolates has decreased over the years.

The list could go on and on and the variety of Valentines gift for her is endless. In giving your special someone a gift, always make sure that it comes from the heart and that you actually spent time in choosing it. Most women will rather have a simple gift that was carefully thought of, than an expensive one that was rushed and was just bought at the last minute.

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