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Fried Oysters for Chinese New Year

February 5, 2010

One of the best things I’ve ever eaten on Chinese New Year is deep fried oysters. This recipe comes from a Cantonese chef friend of mine and it is slap your momma good. Apparently there is some sort of symbolism for eating oysters at New Year but for me they are just delicious. I know that fish is for prosperity and dumplings mean wealth so I assume that oysters are somewhere in there as well.

I like to use 12 large fresh oysters which I clean with a little salt and cornstarch. After rinsing them in cold water I parboil them in the shells for about five minutes. Then I’ll mix together about 1 tbsp dry sherry, 1 tsp ginger juice, and a pinch of pepper and coat the oysters with this mixture.

From here I will make a batter of flour, cornstarch, oil and water. Sometimes I like to use Chinese beer instead of the water to make the batter a little lighter. Then heat a pan of peanut or canola oil until it is 350 degrees and fry those bad boys until they shine like gold. Drain them on paper towels (not too long, you’ll want to eat them hot) and serve with a garnish of chopped scallions and some hot peppers.

You could also make a simple dipping sauce for them by mixing some soy sauce and vinegar (I like to use a 4/1 mix) and adding chili and sesame oil. How much of each of those? Well, it depends on how hot you want it. Happy Chinese New Year!

In the new year there is now a regular on the popular modern society do traditionally red packets are also handed out to younger generation by their parents, grand parents, relatives, and even close neighbors and friends during Imlek. Nowadays giving red packets as a bonus at the year-end by employers becomes popular and Imlek parcel is also a tradition of giving to business associates or relatives.

Giving Imlek parcel to employees prior to the New Year is also a good idea. This can be either a gift or a bonus. If it is as a gift, the money should be just right for a gift. If as a bonus, you may enclose a check in the parcel gift and hand it out in an office.

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