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The Year of the Tiger in Phoenix

February 4, 2010

In 2010 February 14th is The Chinese New Year. This is the Chinese Year of the Metal Tiger. Which is symbolized by a white tiger. Here in Phoenix February 8-14, 2010 is the 20 year anniversary of Phoenix Chinese Week. This series of cultural events is the result of a cooperative effort between the Phoenix Chinese Week Committee, the City of Phoenix and the Sister Cities Commission. This series of events celebrates the richness of the Chinese culture. There are plenty of parties, food and cultural activities in the Phoenix area this year to bring in the Chinese New Year. The main focus of the Phoenix Chinese New Year celebration is the Chinese Cultural Center in downtown Phoenix.

Chinese Cultural Center, Friday February 12 through Saturday February 14, 2010

This 3 day event has something for everybody. Families may want to start with the Children’s Pavilion. This event offers children the chance to participate in hands on projects involving Chinese arts and crafts such as Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and folding and many other cultural based activities. The Food Pavilion offers authentic Chinese cuisine from different regions so that you can experience the unique taste and variety China offers. The festival also has traditional Taipei Dragon Boats on display. Make sure that you don’t miss the Photo Exhibit and the Mah-Jong Booth. The Chinese Cultural Center is located at 688 N 44 Street, just off I-10 in downtown Phoenix. The hours are Friday 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m… Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In the new year there is now a regular on the popular modern society do. Traditionally red packets are also handed out to younger generation by their parents, grand parents, relatives, and even close neighbors and friends during Chinese New Year. Nowadays giving red packets as a bonus at the year-end by employers becomes popular and Chinese new year parcel is also a tradition of giving to business associates or relatives.

Giving Chinese new year parcel to employees prior to the New Year is also a good idea. This can be either a gift or a bonus. If it is as a gift, the money should be just right for a gift. If as a bonus, you may enclose a check in the parcel gift and hand it out in an office.

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