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Can You Buy Black Roses Or Grow Them?

February 4, 2010

The question about black roses comes up in conversations quite often. The questions often stems around can they be purchased or can you grow them. The answer is yes and no. You can buy black roses if you search long and hard enough online. They are not created in nature. They can only exist if created by a human hand. If you want to grow them yourself it is just like baking a cake; there is a recipe that you must follow in order to get black roses. It will take some time, a little effort, patience and a few ingredients to make it all happen.

The ingredients include:

1. A shrub of dark red roses. Although light colored roses may work with other recipes that create black roses, they will not work specifically with this one.
2. One teaspoon of black food coloring.
3. 5 cups of water.

Plant the shrub of dark red roses in a partially shaded area where you plan to have your rose garden. You will have better success if the roses are planted in a large container. Roses love big containers. Add compost on the top of the soil of the dark red roses during the fall season. During the time of creation, give the roses sunlight and good drainage.

The Root Dye

Combine the water and the black food coloring stirring it well so that all of the mixture is combined. It will not hurt to place the mixture into a blender to make sure that the water and the black food coloring are mixed well. The root dye is essential to the creation of black roses. Over time the root dye travels through the roots of the roses turning them black. Water the roses with the root dye once or twice every two weeks. When watering the roses make sure to water in the center of the shrub. Watering the center of the shrub allows a concentrated amount of the root dye to soak directly into the roots of dark red roses. Each time you water the roses you must prepare a new mixture of the root dye using all of the prepared mixture.

After about one month of repeating this process you will begin to see the root dye take effect in the bud of the roses. To determine if you want to use more or less root dye it is a good idea to wait until the roses bloom to their fullest. The entire process will approach fruition in about two months. After two months you should have the black roses that you have been creating and patiently waiting for.

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